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Solvent Cleaner & re-emulsifier

AdSeal Solvent Cleaner & re-emulsifier

Price: £13.95
Use to clean equipment, test existing sealers and remove bloomimg

A pure solvent ideal for cleaning equipment spills & splashes or for re-emulsifying sealer
AdSeal Solvent is a pure, highly effective, solvent and emulsifier
  • Use to clean tools and equipment.
  • An excellent re-emulsifier for all our resins.
  • In the event of moisture clouding simply spray on and watch it disappear.
  • Useful for ‘dry’ cleaning those odd stains on application day to avoid the use of water.
  • Supplied in 1 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre UN containers.

We can only deliver this product to the UK and Ireland (not Europe), due to the product being solvent based


Solvent Cleaner & re-emulsifier

  • Surface Cleaner, Degreaser and Oil Remover

    Heavy duty cleaner that cuts through oil & grease. Eco friendly and a pleasant smell

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